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What can Nerds Know Offer You?

Countless Hours of Quality Programming


South Florida's Exclusive Cosplay Competition where we give you 1hr to make a Cosplay!

Disney Don't Forget the Lyrics

Put your Disney knowledge and vocal chops to the ultimate test with this crowd pleasing gameshow!


Join a panel of convention veterans as we go over the ins and outs that'll help you survive your 1st con!

Japanese Language Workshop

Learn about a whole new world of language and culture with our interactive workshop.

Spotting Bootlegs

Learn what to buy and how to spot those pesky vendor room bootlegs! Now one likes spending real money on fakes!

Cels at Work

Learn about anime production & how to collect/own a piece of your favorite show!

Mini Game Mayhem

Join Nerds Know in a video game competition like no other for guts, glory, and all things MINI!

Fandom Vs: Deathbattle

Defend your favorite series or characters in this interactive debate of weeb porportions!

Panels on Panels

Have a great idea? Let Nerds Know show you how to present it to the masses!

Convention Schedule

Feb 28 - Mar 1 2020  |  C2E2

May 8-10 2020  |  Florida Supercon

May 21-24 2020  |  MomoCon

July 4-5 2020  |  Otakufest

July 23-26 2020  | METROCON

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